Increases in Inmates in Fiji between 2002-2005

With over a 30% increase in inmates in Fiji prisons over a three year period (2002-2005), this research initiative considered how this increase may have occurred. The report Finding Causes for Increasing Offenders
in Fiji Prisons (2006) was produced for the Fiji Prisons department. Download from here (2.8MB). The programme was an AusAID initiative under the management of the Coffey team that was based here called (at the time) the Australia Fiji Law & Justice Sector Programme (AFLJSP). 

The research work was conducted to Oceanik Psi Ltd. who worked with a New Zealand based production company Masimedia, to produce the following video which can be found on the YouTube video channel. 

Safe Communities through Successful Rehabiltiation (copyright Society in Transtion)